Guild Party

Lead a guild, make friends, save the world!

How to play Guild Party (Rulebook)

  About Guild Party:

Board Game Genre:
engine building, resource management, simulation, solo, co-op, simultaneous turn

Guild Party is a co-op/solo game I made where you play the role of a Guild Master! If played co-op, you and your friends have to manage your guilds and plan out how to defeat monsters that spawned, there's scaling difficulties that increases depending on how many players there are. You can also adjust the difficulty to beat it on a harder mode.

The game is also simultaneous turn so you can make actions without having to wait for others! Plan and strategize together!

That's 10 Guild Masters (GM) to choose from, 100+ adventurers,  40+ unique monsters. You also level up your Guild Master as they gain experience throughout the game

You have three actions every round and you choose whether you want to work, find potential recruits, onboard recruits, and more! But don't worry, your guild members will have special abilities and traits that can synergize with each other to make some of the work/adventuring easier

An example of sending members with enough points to defeat a monster. You must also include your Guild Master since you have to lead and boost morale! 

I added tons of different friends to recruit. Each member belongs to a class: warrior, healer, mage, rogue, hunter. Defeat monsters by sending them on quests and adding up the total amount of strength, intelligence, and dexterity! The monsters also have damage and you must negate it using a member with armor or healing

A physical prototype of the game for testing: 200 cards, a Japanese rule book, an English rule book, and 58 blocks!

Guild Party was available at Game Market 2020 at Tokyo Big Site! 


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